Bespoke Market Intelligence, LLC collaborates with investors to develop and deploy custom research projects on trends, companies/stocks, industries, sectors, and the macro economy through the use of both consumer and business-to-business surveys. In contrast to most sell side research that reacts to events as they unfold, our product allows clients to be proactive by predicting how trends and assumptions in their investment thesis will develop. We collect valuable proprietary data on the companies we study and continually test the trends and assumptions that impact models and investment theses.  Our expertise and knowledge of primary research techniques allow us to deliver targeted, high-quality, and quantitatively significant analysis to our clients. 


Our Goal is to help our clients make well-informed investment decisions.  We achieve this by removing the barriers that obstruct the flow of market information and by focusing on forward-looking trends behind the numbers.  In a largely commoditized financial research industry, we take a more personal and collaborative approach.  Our aim is to be an extension of our clients' research teams, adding high-impact and actionable research with our innovative and differentiated approach.  Our research provides clients with the insights they need to gain confidence in their investment decisions.


For more information regarding Bespoke Market Intelligence or to receive updates on new reports that we periodically release, please contact us.